Whether you are looking for kosher food delivery, kosher event buffer, or an event buffet, you can rely on us to provide you with crusty hot, deal thy bread. Our luscious bread is moistened, to begin with. We then knead it with the utmost care and sometimes leave It for fermentation. The whole process is carried out by our trusted cooks who carry out the baking process softly, with love to neither over-cook the bread, nor leave space for undercooked cookies. You will find the following in our bakery- cakes, bread, cookies boxes

Despite us being a small business catering, we provide biscuits and berries catering, as well as our bread. Our bread is the talk of the town, and mainly involves Fresh Challah Family Size ranging from $7-$12 as well as Fresh Mini Challah Buns ranging between $10-$24. Our cookies, moist, soft, and gooey are a must-try if you are in Houston, Texas. We carve each with love and sprinkle it with fondness. Our Dolce De Leche cookie box which consists of 20 pieces costs $32 only. Our food flavorings are unique, as we put versatile middle eastern touches which you will not find elsewhere. You may have our delectable bread or cookies for breakfast, like dessert, or any time of the day! Plenty of our clients also use them as gift ideas for the ones they love, by the ones who love baking!


We offer kosher food delivery & catering services in the following areas:

Memorial City, Houston, TX, USA

Cypress, TX, USA

Mission Bend, TX, USA

Bellaire, TX 77401, USA

Jersey Village, TX, USA

West University Place, TX, USA

Energy Corridor, Houston, TX, USA

Houston Heights, Houston, TX 77008, USA

Downtown Houston, Houston, TX, USA

Washington Avenue Coalition / Memorial Park, Houston, TX, USA

River Oaks, Houston, TX, USA

Jacinto City, TX, USA

Montrose, Houston, TX, USA

Tanglewood, Houston, TX 77056, USA

Katy, TX, USA

Missouri City, TX, USA

Greater Inwood, Houston, TX, USA

Shady Acres, Houston, TX 77008, USA

Houston, TX, USA

Uptown, Houston, TX, USA

East downtown, Houston, TX, USA

Greater Third ward, Houston TX, USA

Greater Eastwood, Houston TX, USA

Second ward, Houston TX, USA

South central Houston, TX, USA

Greater Fifth ward, Houston Texas

Northeast Houston, Texas, USA

Northside houston, Texas, USA

Cinco ranch, Tx, USA

Sharpstown, Tx

Kohrville, Texas, USA

Westfield Tx USA

Aldine, Tx, USA

Humble, Tx, USA.

Spring Texas, USA

Fresno Texas USA

Sugarland Tx USA

Sienna plantation, Tx

League city, Tx, USA

Richmond, Tx,

Fulshear Tx

Channelview tx, USA

Highlands, Tx, USA